Training Needs Analysis puts you in control

Fines and penalties for accidents are now at a maximum of £20 million.  Destination Safety is here to help keep businesses running and help protect livelihoods from the risk of redundancy following on from incidents at the workplace.

We ensure that Destination Safety is completely bespoke to your needs through an extensive nine-step Training Needs Analysis (TNA).  This TNA is carried out through a one-to-one meeting focusing on your desired business outcomes.  These outcomes are the destination we will take you to and the TNA will help you to lay the path.  At the first step, we will sit with you and ask you to answer a very simple question: “How will you know that the training worked?”.  This analysis gives you the ownership of your staff training and will help to tailor the best training course for your organisation.

The TNA also helps you to focus on the trainable competencies which Destination Safety can help you with and the best way to evaluate these competencies.  We find that professional tests and assessments are often a good way of making these assessments, as performance evaluation may become difficult when evaluating ability and skills.  The evaluation will enable you to prioritise all your internal training needs by determining the performance gaps you currently have.  What you define as a performance gap is entirely up to you – we find that some organisations set higher standards than others.

Whatever your performance standards, this benchmark will enable you to prioritise your organisations training needs and help determine the best training methods to meet those goals.  Whatever route you decide to take, a professionally qualified trainer is the best course of action to take.  One of the most important parts of the TNA is that we go through a cost-benefit analysis with you.  This is because we find that many employers need to find a balance between the cost of a particular training method and its ability to achieve the desired results.

Finally, we will help you to put together your plan for evaluating the training.  This is because training is only effective if the material studied is retained and reused on the job.  The evaluation stage should help you to determine if the training improved the company’s ability to meet its desired outcomes, as determined in step one of the TNA.

Once the analysis is complete you will receive a bespoke training Matrix.  This will highlight the training goals which will help your organisation to reach its desired goals and which modules will help get you there.  At a glance, the Matrix will help you to identify individual skill levels and any weaknesses within the organisation or department.

Once you have identified any skills gaps, Destination safety can help.  With three courses for 10 delegates for only £995 + VAT find out more and start your journey today.  See, or contact our Account Executives on 03456 122 144.