THSP recognises health and safety training achievements

THSP training certificate

THSP Risk Management is passionate about being able to provide the best quality of training to organisations across a wide variety of industries.  To recognise the investment companies have put into training over 2017, THSP has awarded certificates to several companies to reward their dedication to staff training and keeping health and safety at the forefront of their organisations.

A total of 30 certificates have been awarded to companies which THSP identified as being leaders in the training of their staff.  These were 12 bronze certificates, 12 silver certificates and six gold certificates, including one overall winning certificate which was presented along with a trophy to Construction Solutions Ltd, who have shown clear passion with their staff training in 2017.

The idea to award organisations for health and safety training came from the THSP philosophy that every worker has the right to get home safely at the end of every day.  Steve Sellick, Training Manager at THSP highlights: ‘Each worker across the UK makes a promise to their loved ones each day: “I’ll see you later”.  This should never involve a hospital visit or worse.  Correct training and knowledge of health and safety is key to helping keep all workers safe and making sure their promise is never broken’.

In 2017, THSP ran over 760 training courses across the UK with organisations sending a total of 3,239 delegates onto these courses.  These vary from health and safety to management courses, each with the goal of offering targeted training to different levels and experiences.  They inform executives and directors of their legal obligations to ensure health and safety compliance within their workforce and keep staff aware of safe working practices.

The awards will run again over 2018.  A new dedicated training website has launched which offers a variety of capabilities, such as e-learning, online booking and career planning to name a few.  Visit our new training website today.