Tackling the skills shortage

Tackling the skills shortage

The UK construction sector is experiencing a serious skills shortage, with the CIOB reporting that 157,000 new recruits are needed by 2021 to keep up with demand.  With Brexit looming on the horizon too, it is only set to worsen over the coming years.

Gone are the days where pay rises were the magic answer – with skills shortages reaching “critical levels” in the last quarter of 2017 and unemployment at a 42 year low (Source: British Chamber of Commerce), companies must look at ways to upskill staff and increase productivity.

So what can employers do about it?
As an employer, people are your greatest asset and in order to survive the current skills crisis, companies should look to their training and retention activities.  Retaining talent in your company will ensure that you are able to be productive and competitive.

Should I consider training?
Absolutely.  Development of talent management and continuous training for your employees is critical.  Not only will this equip them, and you, with the skills needed, but it will help to satisfy and fulfil your employees, which in turn increases retention.
Training can be conducted in-house or through outsourced training providers, such as THSP.
“On-site training will be hugely beneficial for employees and trainees, as it will help bridge the gap between training and working in the industry, meaning trainees are site-ready sooner.” Anne Milton, Skills Minister.

How do I retain staff?
Keep hold of your workers, by developing effective retention strategies.  Retaining the skilled workers you have will be vital for the future.
If you have invested and developed skills and talent in-house, don’t let them go.  Providing effective training, good employee benefits and an open and honest working relationship with your workers, will help you to not only retain the skilled workers you already have, but ensure you have trainers for future staff too.

How can I plan for the future?
Managing talent must be a key priority for any construction employer.  Plan for the future, by anticipating your workforce’s needs and priorities.  Attract a diverse workforce to ensure you can choose from the maximum talent available, and bring new ways of thinking and working into your organisation.

At THSP, we provide advice and a host of training courses for companies, helping you to prepare and meet the challenges of an uncertain future.  Destination Safety is an excellent training programme we’ve developed to help employers train up to ten members of staff in 3 subject areas in just one day.  With over 30 courses to choose from, it allows you to upskill and ultimately retain your staff, quickly and easily.  Find out more at www.thsp.co.uk or call one of our team on 03456 122 144. We are here to help