Poor attitudes to training have severe consequences

Poor attitudes to training have severe consequences

Earlier this year, a construction boss received a ban from acting as a director.  He had failed to pay fines totalling £275,000 after pleading guilty to multiple health and safety breaches.

At the time of the fine being handed down to Michael Allen; director of Allen and Hunt Construction Engineers, the HSE found that injuries sustained by a worker were directly related to inadequate training and that the company failed to carry out a correct health and safety risk assessment of the site as well.

Mr Allen liquidated the company as he said he was unable to pay the fines, but a later review into the organisation by the Insolvency Service found that there would have been sufficient funds to pay this fine.  The chief investigator for the insolvency services stated that: “Michael Allen had a lack of regard for the workers, which unfortunately resulted in a horrific injury for one person.  Directors who fail to adhere to health and safety regulations to protect their employees and then fail to pay the fine can expect to face the consequences of a period of disqualification.

This incident not only affected the injured worker, who sustained life changing injuries, but also Mr Allen, who is now banned from either directly or indirectly becoming involved in the management, formation or promotion of a company for the next six years.

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