Official Opening for THSP Risk Management

Official Opening for THSP Risk Management

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, staff and guests of THSP Risk Management gathered in front of their Bedford office to announce their official new home to the world.

THSP has had a few homes over the 26 years since John Thoday and Adrienne Massey first started up as The Health and Safety People.  A potting shed, a converted factory in Biggleswade and the Market Square in Sandy have all once been the head office of this established company.

THSP has now moved again, this time to Mile Road in Bedford.  This new location brings THSP a fresh start with a new home, new technological equipment and new furnishings.

The 25th July was the official opening of the new office and like anything new, THSP wanted to officially open in style.  To mark this event, all staff, neighbouring businesses and local customers were invited to join THSP in marking the occasion.

The guest of honour for the day to cut the ribbon and help THSP’s Bedford office open was Jeremy Brockis, Chairman of the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, of which THSP has been proudly associated with since 1996.  Jeremy arrived and was greeted by John and Adrienne and soon after, staff and guests began to assemble outside for the official ribbon cutting.

Lined up and ready to record this moment, THSP staff were squinting towards the high midday sun in the direction of photographer, Jane Russell.  She had a bit of advice to stop everyone squinting with the sun in front of us: close your eyes, listen as she counts down from three to one, then open your eyes as she takes the photo.  The trick worked, and now THSP have some great images recording the moment.

Photos done, staff and guests who had joined THSP for the opening from Kimm & Miller and Meller Design Solutions entered the office for a walk around tour and some refreshments.  This was a perfect opportunity to get to know the new neighbours and begin to settle into the new location.  It was good for Jeremy to see how the members of the Bedford Chamber of Commerce are settling into their new home and meet with the staff of THSP.

It was a great day for everyone at THSP and it was a pleasure for staff to be joined by all guests and neighbours.  Here’s to the coming years of THSP in the new home!