Men’s Health Week

Men's health

Men’s Health Week – 11th June

Work related ill-health affects all sections of society; with wide ranging conditions including cancers, musculoskeletal and stress related issues.

Chris Ivey, our Consultant Director for Health and Safety overheard a conversation the other day and was shocked when one of the parties stated there was little point worrying about these issues as “you have to die of something”.  THSP don’t agree with that sentiment, and certainly not as a result of going to work.

Employers are required by law to put in place measures to eliminate the causes of these issues and where that is not possible, to put in place reasonable control measures to reduce the risk of harm.

Forward thinking employers may also put in place occupational health programmes with the intent to monitor the effectiveness of these controls and to promote positive health messages.

Health experts have discovered clear links between obesity and cancer and to tackle this, many workplace canteens now offer healthy options whilst other workplaces provide fruit.

You may believe that the hard work you do at work will counter the risks, but if you are building up belly fat the risks of ill-health increase by the inch.