Manual handling

At the end of March, the HSE issued a press release regarding the dangers of buying off the shelf manual handling training.

Whilst training clearly has a role to play in reducing the risk of injury and the long-term health problems associated with manual handling, poor training can actually exacerbate the problems.

The HSE were taking the opportunity to raise this issue as they launched a new page on their website setting out how a holistic approach needs to be implemented.

As always, the first step is to assess and prioritise your risks; this doesn’t however mean rushing off to a computer to fill in a form; instead you should be taking a look at what is being done by whom, where, when and how.

By working with those employees undertaking the tasks you will get a far better understanding of where the risks are and, in many cases, will garner positive suggestions for improving processes and layout.  These in turn will reduce the risk of harm and may improve productivity.

Having considered all of these changes and the utilisation of mechanical aides it is then time to ensure that your workforce is adequately trained to use the equipment provided, the best possible lifting techniques and ultimately how to reduce the risk of long term harm to themselves. THSP tailor make their manual handling training to suit your needs, using the equipment you would use, to find out more click here.