Large fines for Health and Safety failings

Large fines for Health and Safety failings

Fines for health and safety failings are on the rise.  A property management firm has recently been ordered to pay a £15,000 fine for failing to carry out asbestos surveys in properties where extensive refurbishment works were being carried out.

Exposure to asbestos can lead to long-term health issues including mesothelioma, a type of cancer which affects the lining of the lungs.  It is fatal in all cases.  Because of the long-term health problems associated with it, asbestos surveys must be carried out when carrying refurbishments on buildings built before the year 2000.  If detected, fully trained professionals must be called in to remove the asbestos before any further work can continue.

The company which received the fine was carrying out refurbishment work on two properties, one of which was a medical centre.  The organisation failed to carry out thorough risk assessments to assess any asbestos risk, even though both sites were likely to contain the material.  The work that was being carried out was likely to disturb asbestos containing materials due to the stripping out and part-demolition of the two properties.

The best way to be aware of asbestos is through effective training.  THSP Risk Management offers UKATA Asbestos Awareness which are beneficial to anyone who might be exposed to asbestos through their normal activities, such as demolition or refurbishment.

Ensure that your teams are fully aware of the risks associated with asbestos today.  Contact our Training Consultants Kelly and Hannah if you would like more information on the training opportunities available.  Call 03456 122 144 or click here.