Everyone seems to know the score, and when it comes to health and safety we know you’ve probably heard it all before. But on a serious note, THSP believe that everyone should come home safe to their family after a hard day’s work.

Being properly trained in health and safety can save your life, the lives of others and help you reach your goals. 144 people are killed each year in accidents at work and over one million people suffer from a work-related illness.

Making sure everyone is trained can ensure that you or your employees are not injured or become ill from the work they do. If your company develops a positive health and safety culture, then healthy working becomes second nature to everyone, giving everyone a winning mentality.

THSP training can contribute towards making your employees competent in health and safety, help your business avoid the distress that accidents and ill health cause and help you avoid the financial costs, after all no one wants to see the red card.

Why should I train my staff?
Training your staff is a winning strategy. Unfortunately, year on year, employees from all kinds of industry are injured through accidents that could have been avoided through basic training.

There are lots of benefits of health and safety training in the workplace for the employer, but more importantly, for the person most at risk, the employee. If your company has effective training programmes this will allow you, to attract, recruit, retain, motivate and maintain the best team and supporters.

What happens if I don’t train my staff?
We lose the game. Lack of health and safety training in the workplace can result in lost man hours, loss of production and even fatalities. Compensation claims could easily arise and prison sentences may be imposed. Training employees in health and safety is the first step toward ensuring a safe working environment, but it must be maintained.

At THSP we provide a wide range of risk management services, including training.

Make your team a winning team with THSP Training.

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