• Classroom

  • Temporary Works Awareness

    1/2 day
    Any employee, with responsibility to manage, supervise or co-ordinate temporary works on site. Those attending this course should be experienced in form work and false work activities
    From £495.00
  • UKATA Asbestos Awareness

    Half day
    Asbestos Awareness training would benefit anyone who through their normal work activities could be exposed to materials containing asbestos in the workplace. Particularly those working in the refurbishment, construction and maintenance industries.
    From £530.00
  • UKATA Asbestos Awareness Refresher

    2 hours
    This refresher course has been designed to complement our half day UKATA Asbestos Awareness training course. It builds upon existing knowledge and offers a comprehensive refresher which extends learning beyond the original UKATA Asbestos Awareness course content.
    From £390.00
  • Vehicle Banking

    1/2 Day
    This course is designed to ensure organisations meet their legal requirements and reduce the risk of accidents caused by reversing vehicles.
    From £495.00
  • Working at Heights

    1/2 Day
    This training would benefit anyone who manages work at height activities and those individuals who work at height as part of their job.
    From £495.00
  • E-Learning

  • An Overview of COSHH

    1 hour
    The COSHH training course allows learners to be able to work with hazardous substances safely and effectively in a way that is appropriate to their work. Employees will understand the risks associated with dangerous substances, and the precautions they can take to ensure their safety.
    From £25.00
  • Awareness of Legionnaires' Disease

    2 - 3 hours
    This course has been designed to help raise awareness of Legionnaires' disease by explaining how outbreaks might occur, and highlighting water systems that have a potentially high risk of developing the Legionnella bacterium.
    From £25.00
  • CITB Health and Safety Awareness eCourse

    4 hours
    Keep yourself and your colleagues safe when working on site. Learn about potential hazards, gain practical advice and prove your understanding.
    From £99.00
  • CITB Site Management Environmental Training Scheme eCourse

    7.5 hours
    This course will prepare you for managing the environmental aspects of a construction site by helping you put into practice your legal, moral and social responsibilities.
    From £149.00
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

    2 - 3 hours
    This course has been developed in line with the National Syllabus for conflict resolution and deals with communication skills, personal safety and 'what if' situations.
    From £25.00
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