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Imagine a world where all your employees did everything they were required to do, when and how you wanted it done, and with a smile on their faces. Imagine that they all got on with each other, that they kept each other safe, that they all turned up to work every day – no sick days, no family issues, no stress!

Sadly, this is not the reality for most British workplaces. And there’s no “quick fix”. However, when things do go wrong, it is great to have someone you can turn to who really understands what you are going through – people that have been in management within businesses for many years and faced all manner of workplace issues.

THSP have people like this who are ready to help. Our Employment Law team are highly qualified and well experienced with matters concerning people. Our key solution for you is our Employment Safe Service.

An oversight such as an out of date contract, a mismanaged grievance or disciplinary issue, or any other disputes with your employees, can leave you vulnerable. Tribunal claims for discrimination or unfair dismissal often amount to thousands of pounds and can give your company a bad name.

Services that will benefit your business include:

Whatever your issue, we are here to offer advice, explained in clear, jargon-free language, with a dedicated consultant, account executive and no call centres. Let us help you make informed choices while staying confidently within the law.

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