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Destination Safety

It’s really simple:

  • Pick and mix three from the half day courses listed below
  • Train up to 10 employees at your premises in one day
  • £995 + VAT for 10 people
  • If you pay the CITB levy, it may be possible to claim the CITB grant

What courses can I choose from?

Choose three courses from Category 1, or one from Category 2 and two courses from Category 1.

Category 1

Category 2

If you pay the CITB levy, a grant is also available for each trainee on selected courses (indicated next to the course name with a G1 or G2), reducing your costs even further.

On our G1 courses you can claim back £30 per person, per each course selected and on our G2 courses you can claim £70 per person, per each course selected.


Option 1 (all courses from Category 1)

  • Abrasive Wheel
  • Hot Works and Fire Watcher
  • Lone Working

Option 2 (using 1 course from Category 2)

  • Abrasive Wheel
  • Working at Height with Ladders
  • Risk Assessment (RA)

To find out more about how Destination Safety can work for you and your workplace call 03456 122144 to speak to our dedicated training consultants Kelly Wren or Hannah Garnham, alternatively fill in the contact form below and they will call you straight back.

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