Fire Safety

Employers are legally required to provide information, instruction and training to employees about fire precautions in the workplace. This online fire safety course helps you to meet this obligation by providing your staff with the knowledge and understanding required to act safely in the event of a fire in the workplace.

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  • Online activity

    Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)
    • £25.00 excl. VAT


You will learn

  • The key legislation involving fire safety
  • The legal requirements for workplace safety
  • The "Fire Triangle" and how it may be used
  • How to react in a fire and understand the different warning systems
  • The importance of an evacuation plan and key evacuation legislation
  • The different types of fire and what the causes may be
  • Which type of fire extinguishers to use
  • Take steps to minimise the risk of a fire occurring

Who is it for?

Roles including:

  • Businesses needing to train their staff in fire safety procedures in the workplace
  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to prevent fire in the workplace and deal with it effectively should it occur

This course will be available for 4 weeks and must be completed within this timescale

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