Behavioural Based Safety

What does an accident cost your business?

The HSE calculates that it costs on average £28,500 for an employee to be off work for seven-plus days following a Riddor accident. Could this accident have been prevented if someone had intervened?

Traditional health and safety courses train delegates in a classroom environment telling them what to do, however a behavioural based safety programme provides the tools needed to change (hearts and minds), behaviours.

If you find that you are chasing the same failures month after month why not change your approach and invest in a Behavioural Based Safety Programme.

THSP’s Behavioural Based Safety Programme will bring measurable improvements collaborating with your existing health and safety team and your existing systems to get engagement. This programme will be tailor-made to meet your needs, once established it can be left for you to run with your in-house resources.

So how does it work?

Starting with a Safety Culture Survey, we capture the real-life health and safety experiences of your employees on a day to day basis, this survey is analysed and the findings are fed into a leadership workshop.  This workshop will also focus on behaviour theory, effective leadership, performance management and coaching skills.

Next, we will train identified key influencers across your business so that they have the skill set to influence others to make the right choices.

The key influencer course consists of two modules which are carried out over three days. These modules will equip attendees with the confidence and skills to use coaching (even in the most challenging circumstances on-site) and to bring about sustained and willing behavioural change.

To ensure your Behavioural  Based Safety Programme has sustainability we will train staff and contractors at an operative level both on-site and in support functions. This provides an understanding of the collaborative approach as everyone has a part to play!

This programme will generate significant success with a measurable increase of near miss reports and most notably a reduction in risk-taking behaviours which could result in serious injury or death.

Why not invest in a bespoke Behavioural Based Safety Programme, see how many RIDDOR accidents it reduces, how quickly you recoup the cost and most importantly keep your business and people safe.

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