Are you prepared for Brexit?

Are you prepared for Brexit?
  • The number of construction employers feeling the impact of Brexit has increased by 9% compared with last year.
  • Almost half of construction employers are concerned that recruitment is going to become more difficult over the next two years.
  • A third of construction firms currently employ tradespeople who were born outside of the UK, meaning the skills shortage could worsen if free movement is restricted following Brexit.
  • Less than a third of firms have taken action or plan on doing do as Brexit approaches.

Whilst Brexit and indeed the skills shortage that the construction industry is currently experiencing is out of employers’ control, there are steps that you could and should be taking now to ensure you minimise the impact.

Keep hold of your workers.  Retention is key to help weather the Brexit storm. By providing effective training, such as THSP Destination Safety, which offers 3 courses in just 1 day by removing all the superfluous information workers do not really need to do their job safely, you will help keep the workers you currently have.

Destination Safety offers 3 courses in just 1 day by removing all the superfluous information workers do not really need to do their job safely.

By looking after your workforce and treating them well, they won’t leave – even when approached by competitors.  Clear career paths, correct utilisation of individuals’ skills, as well as reward and recognition schemes, will all help you to keep hold of your talent.

At THSP we can offer training and advice on how to retain your skilled workers to ensure your company is prepared for whatever Brexit brings. Call us today on 03456 122 144.

Destination Safety is our unique training course which has been developed to reduce the cost, disruption and time needed to deliver quality training.  Through Destination Safety you can get ten people trained in three subjects in just one day, saving you time and money.  We come to your premises to train your staff in an environment they are familiar with, and with the work equipment they regularly use. Courses tailored to the individuals, giving them the information they really need to do their jobs well and safely, changes behaviours and benefits the whole business.

To find out more about Destination Safety and the courses we offer, please visit Destination safety Here